Miguel Sá


My name is Miguel Sá, I am a Portuguese Architect, with 34 years old, and I am looking for a new job experience in a new country. I’m Graduated in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto (www.fa-up-pt), Portugal, in 2005 (before Bologna process), with remarkable appraisement.
I've been working in different offices with excellent architects, engineers, and designers, developing all kinds of projects, from single Houses Families to a Public Universities. After more than 7 years of hard work as architect, I feel it's time for a new challenge and step forward in my personal and professional career, getting new experiences in a different country by learning new projects approaches and different work methods.
For me this is an opportunity of a new experience in my career. For your office is a chance to have a self motivated experienced architect, with a different project background, excited to work in your office and become a member that can improve and enlarge the visions and skills of your team.
I would like to highlight the fact that my English, Spanish and Portuguese knowledge, can be an advantage for further international competitions. Emergent countries like Brazil, Argentina, Angola, or Mozambique will represent important markets in the near future for Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, and having someone that speaks and knows the reality of those countries can be an important benefit for your company.
As a person and professional, I can select as most relevant features my good level of initiative, team spirit, creativity and humor, among others. I highlight as essential artistic skills drawing and writing.
I thank you in advance for your attention and hope to hearing from you soon.

I would like to highlight the fact that I have large experience as ARCHITECT but also as VOLUNTARY in several Local and International Social Projects, and PEDAGOGICAL TRAINING.

Best regards.


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